Don’t know any opera arias

Herp derp. Here’s what in the works for competitions and auditions:

Act II aria from The Passenger

Amour ranime mon courage
A weird excerpt from LVH that I will somehow make happen maybe

Wiegenlied from Wozzeck
Csardas from Fledermaus

Dove sono

Would love to sing Elvira, but it’s still not quite in my reach. I should be able to do it now, though. I’ll keep trying.

I applied for my first real job as an adjunct teacher of one section of Music Appreciation at a local community college.

There’s no way I get this job, but it was nice to finally submit a real job application for once.

Took Remy in for her first vet appointment today, and she tested positive for FIV. We were always going to take extra-special care of her, but we’re glad to get this news now while she’s young so that we can give her everything she needs.

Sick kitties. It’s heartbreaking.

Remy around 6AM.